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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adding Template Fields to a GridView Control.

A TemplateField is used in cases where authors need complete control over the
contents of a GridView column. The TemplateField is declared with an
<ItemTemplate> element, which in turn is used to define the content that will be
rendered for each row in the column. The ItemTemplate can include any valid HTML.

To add a template column:-

1.Set the GridView control's AutoGenerateColumns property to false.

<asp:GridView id="myGrid" runat="server"
2. Within the GridView declaration, declare a <Columns> element.
3.Within the Columns element, define the <asp:TemplateField> 
control, along with the required <ItemTemplate> element.
4.Within the ItemTemplate, define the HTML or server control that 
will contain the field value.
To display the value of a field in an item template,
use DataBinding 
Expression Syntax
5.Optionally set the <asp:TemplateField> control's 
other properties.
For syntax, see GridView Control Syntax

     <img width=60 align="top" 
src='<%# Eval ("title_id", "../images/title-{0}.gif" )%>'>